Overcome Production Hurdles: EviView Helps Tackle Challenges and Empowers Smarter F&B Operations

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Rising Raw Material Costs

Combat increasing input costs by minimizing waste throughout your manufacturing process. Streamline operations and optimize utilization to extract maximum value from every resource.

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Labour Shortages

Make the most out of your team. Enhance efficiency in areas like shift handovers and continuous improvement programs to maximize productivity.

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Digital Transformation

Don't let the pace of innovation leave you behind. Partner with a trusted technology provider to unlock the benefits of digital transformation, from advanced data analytics to connected operations.

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Quality and Traceability

Ensure uncompromising quality and robust traceability to protect your brand. Implement systems that effectively manage risks like contamination and bacteria, fostering trust and transparency.

Future-Proof Your Operations

Modernize your manufacturing operations with our top-tier business intelligence tool, carefully tailored to the unique demands of the industry.

Our versatile application offers both cloud-based and on-premise software options, allowing for seamless customization and enhanced production shift handover capabilities.

By leveraging our advanced solutions, you can unlock valuable insights and drive meaningful process improvements, ensuring your organization maintains its competitive edge.

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Achieve Greater Profitability and Operational Efficiency

Our solutions help you make the most of your assets and ensure product quality by providing:


Contextualized Data Insights

We help you interpret and understand your data through user-friendly filtering and visualization tools.


Integrated Applications

Leverage built-in tools for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and downtime monitoring to identify and address production bottlenecks.

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Faster ROI

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with existing data sources, minimizing implementation time and maximizing your return on investment.

Your Central Hub for Accurate Data

Give your teams the tools to drive manufacturing excellence by leveraging intelligent insights and seamless shift handovers.

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Digital Shift Handover

Shift handover report compilation is no longer an admin nightmare. With intelligent workflows, manually or automatically captured data is systematically transferred to the respective tier 1, 2, or 3 reports.

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How good would it be for the production team to be fully aware of scheduled maintenance and, in turn, for the maintenance team to be informed of all production activities? EviView makes cross-departmental communication easy.

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Data Analytics

Diagnose exactly where issues are, set priority actions, and track to closure. View the high-level KPIs or quickly interrogate the granular manufacturing data analytics further.

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Complete Traceability

Quickly and easily filter data by time period and many other variable options. With all data in one central repository, every possible combination of keywords can be searched for instantly, which includes text within attached documents.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your F&B Production


Operational Efficiency

Seamlessly link real-time data with production processes for optimized efficiency.


Boost Reliability & Predictability

Gain immediate insights into your operations, empowering informed decision-making.


Minimize Downtime

Rapidly identify production challenges and facilitate timely responses.


Amplify Productivity

Maximize output from existing operations, reducing the need for overtime.

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Elevate Quality Standards

Analyze data from the plant floor to reduce quality concerns and minimize waste.


Optimizing Packaging Lines

Increase the efficiency of your packaging processes and enhance downtime predictions.

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Gain Better Visibility

Make operational data accessible and actionable across the entire organization.

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Seamless integration with existing systems

Minimize implementation time and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Seamlessly Communicate Shift Events


Digital Shift Handover

Give your manufacturing teams a single, easy-to-use digital shift handover tool that allows them to seamlessly communicate shift events.

  • Customized shift handover records for manufacturing, maintenance, quality control etc…
  • Replace all existing Excel trackers, documents, whiteboards, and notes with a ‘one-stop solution’
  • Bring standardization and uniformity to shift handover reporting

Manufacturing Analytics

Instantly view KPI metrics, effortlessly analyze downtime events using the Fishbone Diagram, and seamlessly monitor the entire production process from start to finish.

  • Dashboard with granular reporting on demand or on click
  • Pre, during, and post batch tracking to visualize what is on and off track
  • Run instant queries across many different filters, including pre-defined or custom time periods

Continuous Improvement

We help you focus on increasing operating efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs and downtime by providing a tool that supports a culture of change.

  • Make it easy for operators to log continuous improvement ideas during shift handover
  • Using Pareto’s chart and the Fishbone diagram to drive production process improvements
  • Establish, action, and track all root cause analysis and problem solving A3s in one software


I worked with EviView on an electronic handover project. Their team was very knowledgeable, took time to ensure all stakeholders were kept up to date with the progress of the project and was always available to give advice on the system usage during implementation.

Manufacturing Team Lead Bio-Pharma Company, US

The integration with historian systems on-site has helped immensely in streamlining our processes. We can now leverage EviView to provide comprehensive visibility into our raw material figures.

Process Lead Cara Partners

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