Empower Your Team: Streamline Tiered Meetings

Instantly access key performance indicators for shifts, days, weeks, or months. Deliver critical communication and actionable insights – all within minutes. Free up your team's valuable time and empower them to make informed decisions.
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Real-Time Operational Visibility


Drive Efficiency

Turn insights into action: Real-time, accurate operational data helps you optimize uptime, yield, quality, safety, and sustainability.


Escalate Important Topics

An easy escalation workflow empowers you and your team to prioritize critical issues and streamline resolution, eliminating the need to sift through everything.


Empower Smarter Decisions

Gain a unified view, uncover hidden insights with visualizations, stay on top of critical moments with alerts, and track decisions seamlessly – all within a flexible platform.

Your Single Source of Truth


Streamline Communication

Empower teams to surface factory floor issues, discuss them in production meetings, and receive immediate feedback. Critical updates can then be swiftly escalated to higher management, including executive committees, for prompt decision-making.


Collaboration Across Teams

Eliminate the need for paper, allowing frontline staff to effortlessly share information with support groups. Picture a supervisor directly connecting with the safety manager and the engineering team, ensuring a smooth and collaborative problem-solving process.


Clear Task Management

Revolutionize meetings with clear task ownership and deadlines for every participant. This empowers leaders to effortlessly track progress in real-time, even outside of meetings. Imagine a seamlessly integrated system that keeps everyone accountable and informed about their tasks and upcoming due dates.



By having standardized processes and procedures in place, you can ensure consistency and minimize errors. This allows for easier identification of deviations and areas for improvement. Standardized work instructions also help with onboarding new employees and maintaining knowledge within the organization.

Manage All Aspects of Your Global Operations

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Inspect Anywhere, Anytime

No more paper forms or reports. Powerful mobile inspections let you work offline, anytime, anywhere. Easily document everything in the field with photos, annotations, comments, and more.


Actionable Insights in Seconds

Generate insightful reports instantly, automatically emailing them to stakeholders, so you can analyze scores, trends, and recurring issues to make informed decisions based on the full picture.


Efficient Task Management

Never lose track of deadlines or action items again. Maintain a centralized record of all actions taken to ensure complete transparency and accountability throughout the resolution process.

Ditch the Paperwork, Embrace Efficiency

EviView transforms your outdated processes.  Say goodbye to paper forms and cluttered spreadsheets.  Our configurable, scalable, and adaptable software streamlines everything into a user-friendly system.

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