Continuous Improvement

We help you to focus on increasing operating efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs by providing a tool that supports a culture of change.

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Our Software in Action

Behavioural Change

Quite often, operators are too distant from manufacturing KPIs. Factory floor teams benefit from enhanced daily metric visibility at a macro level. With the operators natural appetite for improvement, we make it easier for them to put their improvement ideas forward.


Clearly identify the ‘bad actors’ when it comes to the root cause of downtime events using the Fishbone/IIshikawa, Pareto, Waterfall, etc. When reporting downtime, the operator can easily categorize the issues by using the 6M framework.

Incremental Gains

The weekly schedule can be achieved by taking the PDCA, or plan-do-check-act, approach with EviView. By following the Deming Cycle methodology adopted by the tool, incremental improvements can be made during every shift to deliver continuous production process gains.

A Single Solution For All Your Manufacturing Needs

Root Cause Analysis

The Root Cause Analysis module is used to present a series of targeted questions designed to uncover the underlying reasons behind problems. Once established, actions can be set and tracked.

Continuous Improvement

Supporting the drive for Lean, EviView makes it easy for operators to put forward CI ideas as part of the shift handover. The operators can be motivated by clearly seeing how their submitted idea is progressing.

Equipment Reliability Tracker

Equipment breakdown and repair time impact cost, quality, and production lead time. Using EviView, the average response and repair time can be significantly reduced, which gives our clients a competitive advantage in the industry.

How Continuous Improvement Will Help You Succeed

Site Leader


Tier 3 reporting with a high-level KPI Dashboard


Instantly interrogate the analytics through granular reporting


Easily see issues and actions being tracked on the floor in real time


Key information provided through automated daily emails

Manager / Supervisor


Instant view of all previous shift events


Can identify the true scale and cause of downtime through readily available analytics


Shift priority tasks can be easily assigned and tracked

QC / Maintenance


A3/Root Cause Analysis at a glance for QA teams


Both teams benefit from inter-departmental communication with production


Potential failures can be predicted, preventing unplanned downtime and reducing maintenance costs

Operators / Technicians


Clear visibility on information from the previous shift and outstanding tasks


One single tool that replaces multiple reporting systems


Log Continuous Improvement Ideas directly in the Shift Handover to drive efficiency site-wide

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