Continuous Improvement

Empower your team to identify and report efficiency opportunities. Foster a culture of innovation by streamlining the reporting process, turning insights into action, and driving ongoing process optimization.
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Behavioural Change

Quite often, operators are too distant from manufacturing KPIs. Factory floor teams benefit from enhanced daily metric visibility at a macro level. With the operators natural appetite for improvement, we make it easier for them to put their improvement ideas forward.



Clearly identify the ‘bad actors’ when it comes to the root cause of downtime events using the Fishbone/IIshikawa, Pareto, Waterfall, etc. When reporting downtime, the operator can easily categorize the issues by using the 6M framework.


Incremental Gains

The weekly schedule can be achieved by taking the PDCA, or plan-do-check-act, approach with EviView. By following the Deming Cycle methodology adopted by the tool, incremental improvements can be made during every shift to deliver continuous production process gains.

standardization (1)


By having standardized processes and procedures in place, you can ensure consistency and minimize errors. This allows for easier identification of deviations and areas for improvement. Standardized work instructions also help with onboarding new employees and maintaining knowledge within the organization.

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