Root Cause Analysis

Stop wasting time and resources on reactive solutions. EviView empowers you to uncover the root causes of operational headaches, preventing them from disrupting your production in the future.
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Fishbone Diagram

Get More Accurate Answers with Richer Data

Single source of Truth (2)

The A3 Approach

Visually map the problem, potential causes, and data analysis through tools like the Fishbone Diagram, to efficiently pinpoint the root and develop targeted solutions for lasting improvement.


See the Bigger Picture

Using the Ishikawa diagram, gain a comprehensive perspective on potential causes. By systematically dissecting the issue, you can pinpoint the root and take decisive action.


Achieve Lasting Solutions

Strong record control helps you identify the root cause of issues, not just treat the symptoms. By capturing crucial data, you can implement solutions that ensure problems don't resurface.

Crack the Code: Empower Faster Problem-Solving

Digitizing your RCA/A3 forms not only minimizes your company's environmental impact but also empowers you to solve problems quicker. EviView provides a robust suite of tools that guide you through every step of the RCA/A3 process:


Clearly define the problem with ease


Systematically identify potential root causes


Pinpoint the primary and secondary culprits with precision


Develop a clear and actionable plan for remediation

RCA-person on laptop

Streamline Your Root Cause Analysis Process


On-Demand Reporting

Up-to-date data is available when you need it and how you need it. Instant analytics are available through the dashboard and many other reporting modules as recent as the previous shift. Fed from the Digital Shift Handover module, the intelligent workflows generate instant reporting.



EviView allows you to configure reporting the way you need it to be. Use the configuration panel to personalize downtime reasons or use predefined Fishbone and Pareto diagrams. Customize the EviView platform in order to follow your manufacturing shift patterns. Easily import and export data as required.


Gain Full Visibility

Run instant queries across many different filters, including pre-defined or custom time periods. Track each cycle (pre, during, and post batch) and easily identify any possible delays in the schedule through the traffic light indicators. This downtime data automatically feeds into the Continuous Improvement modules for action tracking.


Collaboration & Communication

EviView fosters a data-driven culture within your organization. By providing a centralized platform for accessing and analyzing production data, EviView bridges the gap between different departments. Engineering, operations, and maintenance teams can collaborate more effectively, leading to faster problem-solving and improved overall production efficiency.

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