Unify Your Supply Chain. Gain Real-Time Visibility.

In today's unpredictable world, even minor disruptions can wreak havoc on your production. EviView gives you the visibility you need to manage materials, inventory, and every step of the manufacturing process.
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Real-Time Monitoring and Data-Driven Dashboards


Drive Performance

Turn insights into action. Real-time, accurate operational data helps you optimize uptime, yield, quality, efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Single source of Truth (2)

Proactively Mitigate Risks and Bottlenecks

Predict potential issues, identify root causes, and recommend solutions to minimize operational risks.


Empower Smarter Decision-Making

Centralize data, visualize insights, get alerts, and track decisions - all in one flexible platform.

A Complete Suite of Features to Meet All Your Operational Needs


On-Demand Reporting

Up-to-date data is available when you need it and how you need it. Instant analytics are available through the dashboard and many other reporting modules as recent as the previous shift. Fed from the Digital Shift Handover module, the intelligent workflows generate instant reporting.



EviView allows you to configure reporting the way you need it to be. Use the configuration panel to personalize downtime reasons or use predefined Fishbone and Pareto diagrams. Customize the EviView platform in order to follow your manufacturing shift patterns. Easily import and export data as required.



Run instant queries across many different filters, including pre-defined or custom time periods. Track each cycle (pre, during, and post batch) and easily identify any possible delays in the schedule through the traffic light indicators. This downtime data automatically feeds into the Continuous Improvement modules for action tracking.


Collaboration & Communication

EviView fosters a data-driven culture within your organization. By providing a centralized platform for accessing and analyzing production data, EviView bridges the gap between different departments. Engineering, operations, and maintenance teams can collaborate more effectively, leading to faster problem-solving and improved overall production efficiency.

See Everything. Control Everything. Optimize Everything.


Inventory Tracking

Know exactly what you have, down to the last SKU. Track usage in real-time with no-code applications and get automatic alerts to prevent stockouts and optimize ordering.


End-to-End Traceability

Track your products from raw materials to finished goods. Identify where materials come from, who worked on them, and where they're headed next. Simplify compliance, identify quality issues, and pinpoint root causes with ease.



Gain a single source of truth for your entire supply chain. Share production data seamlessly with contract manufacturers and OEMs. Track key performance indicators (KPIs) and collaborate in real-time.


Defect Tracking

Pinpoint the root cause of errors. Customizable forms capture photos, descriptions, and error codes for a complete picture. Identify issues related to production processes or faulty materials.

Why Choose EviView?

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On a daily basis, EviView works with global blue-chip companies across pharma, bio & chemical industries. As these industries constantly evolve, anticipating requirement changes is what drives EviView's innovation agenda.


System Customisation

The system design starts out with replicating and enhancing the client's existing approach to shift handover with the intention to replace all existing Excel files and trackers. EviView recognises the importance of keeping things simple from the outset.


Modular by Design

As the application is modular in structure, it can evolve and change as the business does. The development team ensures that the delivered solution is no more, or no less, than what the client needs, when they need it.

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EviView is not a consultancy-oriented business. Huge emphasis goes into allowing the client to directly configure the application with or without support. This is why EviView ensures that the client administrators have full configuration capabilities.



EviView has been through the most rigorous security assessments led by its blue chip client base. A single-tenant VPC, is made accessible to the Client. User authentication is managed using the Client’s SSO over SAML.

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EviView conducts business across the globe, spanning from the US west coast (-9 hrs) to India (+5.5 hrs). Every customer has a dedicated Account Manager and the reassurance of the highest standard of service protected by a Service Level Agreement.

Other Modules

Complementary to our 360 Dashboards, we have additional modules to digitalize, standardize, and integrate shift handover reporting along with Continuous Improvment, Shift Handover, and Equipment Manufacturing Analytics.


Digital Shift Handover

Give your teams a single, easy-to-use digital shift handover tool that allows them to seamlessly communicate shift events.

  • Adopt the SQDIP approach (i.e., safety, quality, delivery, inventory, and productivity)
  • Clear visibility of completed and outstanding actions
  • Effective process tracking through intelligent workflows
  • Capture any variations from the standard production process at the end of the shift

Continuous Improvement

Focus on increasing operating efficiency and reducing costs and downtime by providing a tool that supports a culture of change.

  • Make it easy for operators to log continuous improvement ideas during shift handover
  • Using Pareto’s chart and the Fishbone diagram to drive production process improvements
  • Establish, action, and track all root cause analysis and problem solving A3s in one software

Manufacturing Analytics

Instantly view KPI metrics, effortlessly analyze downtime events using the Fishbone Diagram, and seamlessly monitor the entire production process from start to finish.

  • Dashboard with granular reporting on demand or on click
  • Pre, during, and post batch tracking to visualize what is on and off track
  • Run instant queries across many different filters, including pre-defined or custom time periods

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  • Expert advice and resources to guide you on how to leverage EviView’s powerful capabilities.
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