Manufacturing Analytics

Instantly view KPI metrics, consult the Fishbone Diagram to understand downtime events, and easily track the production process from start to end.
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Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips


On-Demand Reporting

Up-to-date data is available when you need it and how you need it. Instant analytics are available through the dashboard and many other reporting modules as recent as the previous shift. Fed from the Digital Shift Handover module, the intelligent workflows generate instant reporting.



EviView allows you to configure reporting the way you need it to be. Use the configuration panel to personalize downtime reasons or use predefined Fishbone and Pareto diagrams. Customize the EviView platform in order to follow your manufacturing shift patterns. Easily import and export data as required.



Run instant queries across many different filters, including pre-defined or custom time periods. Track each cycle (pre, during, and post batch) and easily identify any possible delays in the schedule through the traffic light indicators. This downtime data automatically feeds into the Continuous Improvement modules for action tracking.


Collaboration & Communication

EviView fosters a data-driven culture within your organization. By providing a centralized platform for accessing and analyzing production data, EviView bridges the gap between different departments. Engineering, operations, and maintenance teams can collaborate more effectively, leading to faster problem-solving and improved overall production efficiency.

Streamline Production with EviView's Visual Interface


Performance Analytics

We believe that what gets measured gets managed. Management teams rely on accurate and instantly available data in order to make informed decisions. Take a high level look at the KPIs or dive deeper into the granular detail by simply clicking through the dashboard.

  • Dashboards with built-in site KPIs
  • Pareto and Fishbone Charts with granular downtime analytics
  • Clear visibility of all reoccurring issues sorted by highest number of events and hours lost
  • View your site’s performance within 30 seconds

Standard Work Tracker

EviView allows any production or work center process to be mapped out into units of standard work. It is then used as a time-sequence visual interface for the operator to track adherence to the standard schedule.

  • The process is represented directly in the shift handover, which the operator reports against at shift end
  • Any variance from the ideal schedule requires a simple drop-down selection and a small mandatory comment
  • Our intelligent system removes the need for repetitive and time consuming data input while focusing on the most critical information

Pre- and Post-Batch Tracker 

Items to consider for post-batch release like quality checks, packaging, and shipping can be simply charted and monitored to support a seamless operations flow. Similar to the pre-batch tracker, traffic lighting helps to instantly visualize what is on and off track.

  • Tracking the final release of the batch
  • Activities need to be completed by different functions
  • Details for missing milestone deadlines are stored

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