Digital Shift Handover & Manufacturing Data Analytics

Capture, Communicate, Analyse, Action and Track with one multi-functional tool to drive process performance improvements

Our Solutions

• Customised Shift Handover Records for Manufacturing, Maintenance, QC etc.

• Replace all existing excel trackers, docs, whiteboards & notes with a ‘one stop solution’

• Bring standardisation and uniformity to shift handover reporting

• Dashboard with granular ‘on click/demand’ reporting

• Pre, during and post Batch Tracking to visualise what is on and off track

• Run instant queries across many different filters including pre-defined or custom time periods

• Make it simple for operators to log CI Ideas directly in the Shift Handover

• Using Pareto’s and Fishbone diagrams drive production process improvements

• Establish, Action & Track all Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving A3’s in one software

Software Overview

The tool that helps you to answer the all important questions:
Where are we versus the production schedule? If off track, what are the reasons behind it?

e-ConnX is a best-in-class, Business Intelligence tool designed specifically for the manufacturing industry. The application is a cloud-based or on-premise software that provides for customised production shift handover and manufacturing data analytics.


Digital Shift Handover

Using e-ConnX, shift handover report compilation is no longer an admin nightmare. With the intelligent workflows in play, the manually or automatically captured data makes its way systematically to the respective tier 1, 2 or 3 reports.

discussion teamwork

Cross Departmental Communication

How good would it be for the production team to be fully aware of scheduled maintenance and in turn, the maintenance team to be informed of all production activities? e-ConnX makes manufacturing plant communications simpler.

product analytic

Manufacturing Data Analytics

Through the powerful data analytics, diagnose exactly where the issues are, set the priority actions and track to closure. View the high level KPI’s or quickly interrogate the granular manufacturing data analytics further.


Complete Traceability

Data within e-ConnX can be quickly and easily filtered by time period and many other variable options. With all data in one central repository, every possible combination of keywords can be searched for instantly which includes text within attached documents.

The Impact in Numbers

We strongly believe in ‘If it can be measured, it can be managed’.

Reach Out to discuss our ROI tool which will guide you on potential cost reductions and savings.

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productivity increase seen by manufacturing plants after deployment*
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additionally produced over the year, with the same amount of resources*
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is all it takes to generate a Return On Investment following implementation*

*Numbers are calculated as annual averages across our client portfolio. This figure may vary for your organisation based on contributing factors.

Go-Live within 10 to 20 weeks*

This is a very straightforward deployment. EviView will do 95% of the heavy lifting by taking an AGILE approach to the project.
After requirements are gathered, brief periodic feedback and consultation sessions are all that’s required with the key project stakeholders.


1. Requirements

(Approx. 6 weeks)

Developing shape product

2. Customisation

(Approx. 10 weeks)


3. Training

(Approx. 1 week)

rocket Startup

4. Go-live

(Approx. 1 week)

*This is the average deployment duration across our client base that is dependent on project complexity including third party integrations. Once requirements are gathered, a definitive timeline will be determined.

Shift Knowledge Upwards

Every operator working on the manufacturing floor is acutely aware of all shift issues. It’s important that they have a single, simple-to-use tool that will allow them to quickly capture this critical information in a standardised way. 
With the right reporting infrastructure in place, we can ensure that the most relevant information is surfaced to all tiers within the organisation.

Failure to address this could result in information loss. The following image shows the % of issues known at each of the levels in a typical manufacturing plant without e-ConnX:

Source: Sidney Yoshida’s Iceberg Model

Industry focus

The main industries we focus on are those that specialise in Batch Manufacturing. Due to the complexity of batch production, it can be very challenging to get a quick and accurate picture of the process status. This obstructs informed, data-driven decision-making as the complete picture of the situation is seldom readily available in one platform.

Hence, the fully customised ‘e-ConnX’ application was developed for that seamless Capture, Communication, Analysis and Action-taking all in the one Digital Shift Handover tool.


Pharmaceutical manufacturers no longer perceive the digitisation and automation of shift handover reporting as a ‘nice to do’ but now consider it as a ‘must do’ in order to drive production efficiencies while reducing operational costs.


Enhanced batch process performance visibility enables biopharmaceutical companies to reduce waste and improve their efficiency in order to cope with rapid growth. The e-ConnX tool offers these manufacturers that much needed start-to-end holistic view.


Chemical manufacturers have tight deadlines, operating costs and even tighter regulations. Therefore, it is even more important that they do not fall victim to persevering with traditional reporting methods which do not support data-driven process improvements.

Many more

Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Plastics and Cosmetics, are other batch manufacturing industries that benefit from deploying process performance tools. These help to improve operations, reduce risk, optimise batches, and comply with industry regulations.

Why EviView?


On a daily basis, EviView works with global blue-chip companies across pharma, bio & chemical industries. As these industries constantly evolve, anticipating requirement changes is what drives EviView's innovation agenda.

System Customisation

The system design starts out with replicating and enhancing the client's existing approach to shift handover with the intention to replace all existing Excel files and trackers. EviView recognises the importance of keeping things simple from the outset.

Modular by Design

As the application is modular in structure, it can evolve and change as the business does. The development team ensures that the delivered solution is no more, or no less, than what the client needs, when they need it.

Customer Centric

EviView is not a consultancy-oriented business. Huge emphasis goes into allowing the client to directly configure the application with or without support. This is why EviView ensures that the client administrators have full configuration capabilities.


EviView has been through the most rigorous security assessments led by its blue chip client base. A single-tenant VPC, is made accessible to the Client. User authentication is managed using the Client’s SSO over SAML.


EviView conducts business across the globe, spanning from the US west coast (-9 hrs) to India (+5.5 hrs). Every customer has a dedicated Account Manager and the reassurance of the highest standard of service protected by a Service Level Agreement.

Voice of Our Customers

Let’s leave it to our customers to describe the EviView experience. As NDA’s are in place with the companies we work with, we need to be respectful of their protected identities. However, here are some excerpts from client review conversations and feedback we have gathered:

I worked with EviView on an electronic handover project. Their team was very knowledgeable, took time to ensure all stakeholders were kept up to date with the progress of the project and was always available to give advice on the system usage during implementation. (Source: LinkedIn)
Manufacturing Team Lead
Bio-Pharma company, US
Karol and his EviView team have managed a significant and VERY successful change management & digital transformation project. I have always found his structured approach, detailed analysis and process-driven methodology a huge asset to each and every project. Karol's awareness of business, IT, operations and budgetary requirements are second to none. I would have no hesitation in recommending EviView for any project related role, inside or outside of IT. (Source: LinkedIn)
Senior Manager of Engineering and Maintenance
Top 5 Pharma Manufacturer, EU

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VP - Business Development
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