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Digital Shift Handover

Give your manufacturing teams a single, easy-to-use digital shift handover tool that allows them to seamlessly communicate shift events.

Adopt the SQDIP approach (i.e., safety, quality, delivery, inventory, and productivity)

  • Clear visibility of completed and outstanding actions
  • Effective process tracking through intelligent workflows
  • Capture any variations from the standard production process at the end of the shift

Manufacturing Analytics

Instantly view KPI metrics, effortlessly analyze downtime events using the Fishbone Diagram, and seamlessly monitor the entire production process from start to finish. With our advanced tools, you can instantly view critical metrics, gain insights into downtime events, and track the production process with ease.

  • Dashboard with granular reporting on demand or on click
  • Pre, during, and post batch tracking to visualize what is on and off track
  • Run instant queries across many different filters, including pre-defined or custom time periods

Continuous Improvement

We help you focus on increasing operating efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs and downtime by providing a tool that supports a culture of change.

  • Make it easy for operators to log continuous improvement ideas during shift handover
  • Using Pareto’s chart and the Fishbone diagram to drive production process improvements
  • Establish, action, and track all root cause analysis and problem solving A3s in one software

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